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Audiobooks and Cover Reveals and Pre-Orders – Oh, My!

Interested in Audiobooks?

The most fun thing about writing is doing the audiobook version, and Foundations of Love was no different. You get to hear auditions from voice actors, and if you’re lucky, you find one that matches the voices of your characters perfectly.

We were really lucky!

Foundations of Love is now an audiobook that’s live on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes!  And we really think you’re going to like the narrator.  He really picked up on the subtle cues that we had for each character and ran with them.  His name is Ian Lockheart – remember that.  He’s agreed to narrate our complete Hart’s Square series!

If you want to pick up the audiobook version of Foundations of Love, you can find it here:

Amazon at this link
Audible at this link
iTunes Bookstore at this link

Cover Reveal & Pre-Order!

The next book in our Hart’s Square series is titled AI Think I Love You – and it’s a unique take on a romance book.  We went back and forth on the cover, but I think this one that we decided on came out perfect.  What about you?


You can click on the cover and it’ll take you over to Amazon where the book is available for pre-order!  The book will go live and be available on May 20th, so just eight short days away.  Or if you’re a member of Kindle Unlimited, this book will be part of KU starting on the 20th.  Here’s a little blurb from the book (which you can also click):

Joe Markarian was sick of every decision being made for him, so he got out from under his father’s thumb after college by joining the Air Force. He’s just about to re-enlist when he gets word that his estranged father is in the hospital, and needs his help.

Riley McCoy is a genius – just ask him – who’s been looking for love in all the wrong people. He has good friends, a niece he dotes on, and a sister who tolerates him, but he yearns for a love of his own. If only he didn’t keep moving too fast and scaring his partners off.

Joe and Riley are surprised to see each other at Markarian Scientific the morning after their unconventional first meeting. Joe’s taking care of his dad’s business, and Riley is the chief scientist in charge of the project. Will they be able to keep things professional, or will a snarky AI change their lives forever?

That’s it for now, friends!. Remember – keep reading, stay awesome, and be well!

Alternate Cover Art!

I was talking to my friend Sarah Madison (if you aren’t reading her, you should be!  Click the link for her homepage!) about a few items, and the subject of the book cover came up.  If you’ve seen the book cover, you know that it’s pretty much a bunch of shade of greys.  Thing is, it works – or at least I think it does.  But what about you?

Sarah mentioned a “splash of color” might be needed.  So with that in mind, my friend Alice put together the cover, but with a gentle splash of color, and I think it actually does make a difference.  But what about you?  What do you think?

Here’s the original and the new; let me know what you think!